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Do you know why I've pulled you over?

· Essay

An examination of why speeding laws are a miserable failure.

The imagined birth and life of cybercrime

· Essay

Cybercrime is really just an image problem.

Of human projectiles and personal liberties

· Thought

Following the thread of seatbelt laws to see what we give up and what we gain

Fool me once...

· Essay

Understanding responses (or lack thereof) to data scandals

4chan isn't weird

· Essay

An examination of modes of socialisation on 4chan and how they defy (but align with) sociological theory

Heaven (not) on Earth

· Essay

Why classical utopianism leaves us hanging, and how the ideal utopia is already in front of us

Make room for Elsewhere

· Essay

An inquiry into the usefulness of Elsewhere in the production of utopias

Riding the line

· Essay

Motorcycling and the techno-utopian/Luddite divide

It seems I can contain myself

· Guide

Automating your self-hosted static site deployment

Why won't you leave?!

· Essay

An inquiry into 4chan's determination

Scratch sucks; teach kids BASIC

· Essay

How Scratch robs a teacher of their job and still fails to teach

We can't police online hate speech

· Essay

Why policing hate speech is both difficult and misguided

I will not forgive the man who killed my dog

· Essay

A transcript of the moral debate I had in my head.

How to win at Kaker Laken (Cockroach) Poker

· Experiment

See the mathematical way to a surefire win

The wonderful world of graphing 4chan

· Experiment

A tool to assist social media analysis of 4chan threads