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Ah, the site generator. Brilliant innovation in the website management sector, but horribly complicated, don’t ya think? When I was first putting this site together, even the simplest generation software was not only cumbersome to use, but inflexible. I could only use certain themes, I had to learn new ways of marking up and templating my posts and site, and the whole thing was so heavy.

I wanted to make a CMS that was really easy to use and only needed the bare minimum work required. On top of that, whatever work the user did have to do needed to be doable in good ol’, no-frills, HTML. Out came postmaker.

postmaker (uncapitalised, because I forgot to capitalise the git repo when making it and now I think it looks cool) is the Bash script that makes generating an HTML site from posts easy. You can write your posts in markdown, add in a little bit of metadata (like tags), write a few small templates, and bam! Website up and running. postmaker even generates index pages for each tag, as well as a big index page for every post on your site. Even the configuration file is easy to write.